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Cynthia Murray and her world-class team can help you plan and execute goals for your future and perhaps your best year yet.

At Cynthia Murray Enterprises LLC (CME), we offer a free initial consultation so that we can begin coaching you 

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Leadership and Team Building Training

Cynthia Murray will train, guide, and motivate you and your team with proven winning strategies and exceed your expectations at your next conference, meeting, or workshop.

Strategic Planning & Organizational Development

“I’m here to help you and your organization win!”
- Cynthia Murray

Training World-Class Leaders Today 

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Presentations and Training

Cynthia Murray, the President of Cynthia Murray Enterprises LLC, is a speaker, author, attorney, and leadership and success expert. She leads the company in providing dynamic and memorable keynote presentations, training workshops, and seminars on organizational, professional, and personal success and leadership excellence.

Cynthia's presentations and training sessions are sure to enlighten, empower, and encourage you and your team just as they have for others in the U.S. and around the world. She trains people from diverse cultural backgrounds on how to achieve maximum success.

From conference keynote speeches to workshops and one-on-one executive coaching, Cynthia’s dynamic messages and expert training workshops are presented in a down-to-earth, humorous style that has been effective in achieving outstanding results.

Business Consulting

As an international consultant with years of corporate experience in a Fortune 500 company and as a trusted community leader, Cynthia will give you excellent business guidance based on experience. This is so you can achieve optimal results for your organization, with emphasis on change management as you evolve.

At Cynthia Murray Enterprises LLC, we will guide you to:

  • DEFINE and achieve success for you and/or your organization to meet your unique goals
  • LEARN how to maximize your team's ability to thrive in a fast-changing environment
  • OVERCOME the obstacles and barriers that inhibit effective communication
  • DEVELOP excellent leadership skills
  • CREATE a productive and engaged team
  • OPTIMIZE your position in contractual negotiations with expert advice on complex terms and conditions.

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