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I absolutely loved you!

“Cynthia, in your Quadruplicity presentation [“Give Change a Chance”] I absolutely loved you!! I wish I could just sit with you one-on-one and have you help me get past my last five years. I have been ‘trampled’ and had lost my confidence.   I can’t afford to be like this in my business. My business […]

commencement speaker

“As our 2008 commencement speaker at National College, Cynthia challenged our graduates to apply universal principles of success as they entered the professional world. Her warmth and energy quickly connected her to the audience, adding freshness to a traditional ceremony.   Cynthia has a unique way of making strangers feel like friends, and when asked […]


“Cynthia Murray is a seasoned, articulate, and passionate speaker who captivates and challenges her audience, inspiring motivation and success. The words of wisdom released through Cynthia’s empowering messages will ensure next level corporate success. Based upon personal experience, I give Cynthia Murray my highest recommendation!”

profound impact

“Cynthia Murray will have a profound impact on any organization, as she uses her unique and, more importantly, genuinely inspirational techniques and speaking gifts to motivate and encourage individuals to reach their highest potential. Her vision, insight and creativity will inspire you to do more and be more.”

exceptional speaker

“Cynthia is an exceptional speaker; one who is motivating, challenging and engaging. She has a way of connecting well with her audience no matter the setting or the topic.   Having closely worked with her for several community events, including the Chamber Quadruplicity Women ’s Conference that I recently chaired, I highly recommend Cynthia if […]


“I have had the pleasure of hearing Cynthia Murray speak on several occasions. Her witty and energetic delivery is extremely engaging and has left a lasting impression on me. Cynthia has a special gift of encouragement and delivers her message well.”


“I asked the Ron Brown Scholars and finalists what left an impression on them [at the finalist selection event in Washington, D.C.] and they immediately mentioned you. They were all so moved…”