Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Innovating!

Many times people procrastinate in starting new projects (or finishing them) because they feel as if:

1. Their work will not be well-received

2. They still don’t have “what it takes” to produce quality work

3. What they do won’t be perfect

While some of these circumstances may at times be true and risks quite real, I’ve found that in most cases these are just excuses perpetuated by fear of failure. Perfectionists often struggle with these thoughts and internal obstacles.

I know, because I’ve had these same thoughts in the past, but when I came to the conclusion that what I knew I was being prompted to do and produce was worth the risk of failure and rejection, I overcame the fear, rolled up my sleeves and got to work!

You must understand in response to these same debilitating thoughts and fears that:

1. Some folks may call you crazy or just ridicule you. Everyone may not receive your work product or rejoice with you, but many will! In addition, what you create may just be the innovative answer that the world is waiting for!

2. Trust the “birth pains” you’re feeling to produce! It’s a sign that you have inside of you what you need to get this project done well! You’ve prepared, studied and trained to do this. Sure, first iterations may not be the highest quality as future ones, but that’s okay! It’s the nature of progress. Just start! No more delay! Now is the time!

3. I’ve seen major authors with big publishers have a few typos in their books, but the books are phenomenal! There are minor design flaws in mansions and multi- million dollar commercial buildings. It happens, but the structures are still magnificent! Listen, Olympic gold medalists don’t necessarily perform a perfect 10, but they out perform the competition. Takeaway – You don’t have to be perfect to be excellent!

So, I hope you’re inspired today to create and innovate! I’m #cheering4u

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