Get In Focus to Fulfill Your Goals & Dreams

FOCUS is something that is so valuable and can be easily lost in times of turmoil, confusion just – busyness.  That’s the world in which we are all living right now as a result of COVID-19.  The pandemic has created an existence in which we are trying to put out many fires, adjust to “new normals” and still produce and perform in our careers and work environment.  All of that can lead to a lack of focus on your goals and dreams that have not gone away, but perhaps are just sleeping.

I want to encourage you to do two quintessential things 1) Reassess your goals that might be on pause or perhaps pounding on the door to be let back into your mind.  Make sure that those goals are still what you want for your life and career.     That’s because goals and dreams can and do sometimes change over time as life happens and people come in and go out of our lives and priorities shift.  This article is designed to help you get back on track if, after assessing everything, you still have and want to pursue the same goals.  To do that will require focus.

To do that, look at three fundamental steps:

1.  Determine a timeline by which you want to achieve your goal or mini goals along the way.  Keep in mind that you may have to be more lenient on yourself for your deadlines due to factors outside of your control.  It’s okay.  The key is to keep going in the right direction!

2.  Be honest about all of the obligations that you have and put them in priority in relation to your goals(s).  Understand that there may be some good and even enjoyable things that may need to be eliminated or at least take a back seat to working toward your goal.  Ask yourself if you’re willing to make those sacrifices, and if not, why not?

3.  It can be very helpful to carve out a specific time in your day or week that is dedicated solely to the pursuit of your goal.  You’ll have to be a bit militant about this time and guard it so that you don’t succumb to the million interruptions that can steal your attention and focus away.  Sometimes I even go so far as to put that time on my works schedule as though it were a meeting.  That way, when something arises to attract my time and attention it cannot interfere with my previously scheduled assignment with my own project!  

Focus is one of the topics in our Blue ribbon Leadership Academy because of how important this is to the achievement of not only your personal goals, but for your team goals as a leader in your organization.  

So, if you’ve lost focus lately, but are still motivated to achieve your goals, don’t give up or be discouraged.  You can do this!  Your dreams are counting on you!  

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