Plan Your Day to Plan Your Life

Today’s world is busier than ever and we we have a lot of things to accomplish to stay current, relevant and to achieve our own personal goals. I find that the busier I become, the more I need to have a plan to stay on track and meet my goals. I work with executives in many different industries and help them to achieve their big goals too. What I help them to see is that you cannot conquer their major goals and plans in your life if you cannot plan out your day. Days become weeks, which become months and, eventually, years. It is a cumulative effort and time really counts!

I coach many executives who are successful in their careers, but struggle with balancing all of the things that hey have to do, especially when we need to add on extra assignments to get them to their next level or achieve a longer term goal.  I find that what usually suffers is their personal life due to a gap in their daily routine such as lack of exercise, no time for prayer and meditation or missing out on family time with their spouse and kids.  You are a total package and these things are so vital to your overall happiness and success.  So, you owe it to yourself to actually schedule that time in so as not to miss doing these things on a daily basis.  Think of these items as brushing your teeth before bed.  You could miss doing it one or two times without noticing much of a difference, but over time, a consistent failure to tend to your oral hygiene will have a negative effect that can be very painful.  So it is with the fundamental things that you want to tend to in your personal life.

In addition, it is important to note that even long term goals can be affected by small movement in the right direction, so never underestimate the power of adding small to do items to your daily schedule.  You will see the cumulative effect of your actions, but in order to remember them it can be very helpful to pen them into your calendar.

Here’s to your future achievement and reaching your big goals and plans one daily plan at a time!

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